Dear Reader,

Welcome to my blog on personal power, empowerment, and leadership for creating the world of today and tomorrow in a more caring, profound, and prosperous way.

The content I'm elaborating here is focused on how being aware of your own power, owning it and using it in a healthy and creative way can be liberating and empowering, and can help you to lead and live your life with more compassion, success, and purpose.

We are going to discuss how, when and why we perceive ourselves and others as being powerful or not; how this affects our reality; and how we can utilise our talents, potentials, and opportunities to make a difference in our life, in the lives of our loved ones, in the society, and in the world. This depends on several factors, such as: An awareness of our power, what impact we want to make, how we perceive power in relationships and in a society, which role/s we usually play, and how we or people around us use the power. It depends also on how, when, and to whom we give our power away, and why we do it.

We will explore and discuss ways and tools to empower ourselves in order to start making a difference in and with our lives. I believe that being in our own power can liberate us from our fears, limiting believes and negative thoughts, and it provides us with the inner strength to act in a more loving, compassionate, satisfying and profound way. Embracing our power can give us endless possibilities for creating a wonderful reality and to positively contribute to a better world in our unique and significant way. The future requires us to be courageous enough to take responsibility, the responsibility to be true to ourselves and to the world, and the responsibility to let the world see and feel our hearts and hear our voice.

So, my friends, let us bridge and create a wonderful path from here to there, from now to the future, allowing ourselves to open our hearts to shine brightly, and prepare our wings, because we are supposed to fly high and we are supposed to reach far. As William Blake said, "No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.'' Let's fly together.

Be Powerful And Free while Making a Difference.