The Power of Words

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The Power of Words (Written by Danielle Lucido, 2017, Awaqi, “I believe the words we focus on, the ones we say out loud, to ourselves and others create recurring thoughts, beliefs that shape our perceptions about the world around us. This realization wasn’t just born from a book, or workshop, but frankly from experiencing & […]

It’s YOUR Choice

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It’s YOUR Choice (Written by Nadira Ramcharan, 2017, NRNY Consulting, “Whether we are at work, at home or in our business, we all have a choice to succeed, grow and change. While we do all of this, we may think about how we can remain authentic. It isn’t as difficult as we think it is […]

Your Vibe – Your Reality

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I received a post on a social media the other day, saying ‘What’s your vibe, and I tell you your tribe.’, with an image of a group of people dancing to the music. As I was going through the week, it popped up from my memory several times. A nice catchy rhyme, a message easy […]