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Becoming Free! by Rissa.J

Becoming Free!
(poem by The Powerful and Loving Poet
The day I showed up for me,
 Is the day I felt free.
Free like I can fly,
 Looking beyond what’s in front of me.
The day that I showed up for me, 
My life was no longer a mystery.
See we hide behind these fears,
 Each year dreaming of what could be.
Fear grips us so tightly we lose sight of our dreams.
Is it really fear or did we give up on the dream.
The day that I showed up for me, is when I set myself free
Free to dream…..
Free to build a legacy that will live on, long after me.
When would show up for you? 
When would you be set free? 
The day that I showed up for me, 
I became Powerful and Free!
By loving me for I Am 
By being TRUE to me 
The day that I became free
 Is the day I showed up for ME
‘With a new day comes strengths and new thoughts’
Eleanor Roosevelt

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