Feminine Power

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Feminine Power by Marta Berglez, Writer and President of International Women’s Club of Slovenia ……….. My whole life has been a challenge; starting from the country, I was born: Brazil. In this amazing beautiful country full of contrasts and with a population of 210 million people, life can be really a challenge. I grew up […]

Keep Going by Lana 

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Keep Going (by Lana #bepowerfulandfree spirit)   Things might fall apart and shadow your sight, but there is hope in you. It never dies. When you call for help, my embrace will give you the strength. When there is dark in your life, trust you are the light.  Just keep going. Don’t give up. Never […]

Get comfortable in being uncomfortable

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Dwain Daniels, Owner of Mean6teen (www.mean6teen.com) and Rings Up (www.ringsup.com) What does being powerful and free mean to me? It’s waking up with a purpose. It’s being intentional with your thoughts and actions. I’ve been lucky enough to be around some very inspiring people who have helped me grow. Approximately two years ago I attended […]

Writing is Powerful!

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Writing is Powerful! Written by Ally Braham, Writer, Mindset Coach (@Allybogger, www.healthywellness.info), April 2018 “When I think about being powerful and free, words like Impact. Self- acceptance and Love comes to mind. I think to truly experience being powerful and free you have had to overcome challenges in your life. Three years ago, I lost […]

The Power of Words

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The Power of Words (Written by Danielle Lucido, 2017, Awaqi, https://awaqi.com) “I believe the words we focus on, the ones we say out loud, to ourselves and others create recurring thoughts, beliefs that shape our perceptions about the world around us. This realization wasn’t just born from a book, or workshop, but frankly from experiencing & […]

It’s YOUR Choice

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It’s YOUR Choice (Written by Nadira Ramcharan, 2017, NRNY Consulting, https://www.nadiraramcharan.com/) “Whether we are at work, at home or in our business, we all have a choice to succeed, grow and change. While we do all of this, we may think about how we can remain authentic. It isn’t as difficult as we think it is […]