Travel Light

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We go through life, more or less aware and conscious of it, of ourselves, and of the path. Sometimes we can be in a delay of letting go what’s our past, what’s redundant, what’s no longer serving, what’s preventing us from moving forward, what’s slowing us down and disempowering us. We do move, we do […]

Powerful Year – Living Intentionally

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It’s been a year since I have published the first post here on my #BePowerfulAndFree blog, with the title “The “Power’ Thing – Make It Personal”. Looking back, it was quite a journey this year, powerful and liberating. I feel grateful, empowered, and inspired to continue my journey, and further empower others to do it […]


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I am currently passing through a so called ‘in between space’, if you recall the expression from one of my past posts, doing a shift in my life to another stage. This one seems to be more complex, deeper, and in a way bigger than some others. However, I am preparing for it for few […]